A celebratory day at Kings Academy in Cheddar as chaplain is commissioned

  Posted: 12.02.20 at 15:09 by The Kings of Wessex Academy

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Yesterday (February 12) marked a special occasion as the school chaplain at the Kings of Wessex Academy in Cheddar, Ruth Motion, was commissioned by the Rt Rev Ruth Worsley, Bishop of Taunton.

As Avalon, Camelot, Lyonesse and Tintagel Houses entered the Kings Fitness and Leisure Sports Hall to the melodic tune of True Colours played by Kings student Thomas Walsh, the bishop and school chaplain prepared for the service ahead clad in full bishop attire, as Gavin Ball, CE of the Wessex Learning Trust, referred to it.

This proved a comic occasion for Ruth, who students are used to seeing adorned in rainbow colour tie-dye.

During the whole school celebratory event, Ruth was asked various questions, a highlight of which was "what do you like to do in your spare time?" to which she replied, "eat chocolate."

Bishop Ruth led a blessing and articulated to students "Believe that God is with you and will help your light shine out whatever tightrope you’re walking".

With the support of Stuart Burns, rector of the Benefice of Cheddar, Draycott and Rodney Stoke, and Rev Mike Haslam, the chaplaincy development adviser for the Diocese of Bath and Wells, contributing to a prayer for Ruth, she officially became commissioned as Kings School Chaplain.

Following the service, the bishop had the opportunity to tour around the school site where she popped into an RE class to answer students questions and talk about the syllabus.

There was also a photo opportunity as Kings' first Toilet Twinnings were celebrated. Inspired by Kings student Hallie Crandon who heard about Toilet Twinning in her local church and then spread the word at school, a representative from Toilet Twinning presented Kings with certificates to be displayed on the first two twinned toilets of the school. You heard it here first – plans are afoot to twin all the other toilets in the school.

Kings look forward to Ruth’s continued work within the school on Christian distinctiveness, Kings values, and in her pastoral and welfare capacity along with her plans for a collaborative effort to walk 20 miles in one day to raise additional money to twin more toilets.

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