Car fire in Cheddar believed to have been an arson attack

  Posted: 11.10.20 at 14:32 by Cheddar Nub News

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A car fire in Cheddar on Friday evening (October 9) is believed to have been caused by arsonists.

A member of the public came across a Ford Focus that had seemed to be abandoned for the last two weeks in Labourham Way with a fire starting to develop inside the interior of the vehicle.

The lady phoned it in to fire control just after 10.45pm and Cheddar Fire Station attended. They were at the scene in less than six minutes of the original call and extinguished the fire using one high pressure hose reel and small tools.

The vehicle was full of personal belongings that where all damaged along with the car's interior, and the vehicle was 50 per cent damaged by fire.

The police where requested to attend and they already had prior knowledge of the vehicle as it had been reported to them as being abandoned more than 10 days ago.

The fire was believed to be an arson attac as a Petruth Paddocks sign had been used to break the window to gain access into the car.

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