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Are you rubbish at art? Then you must enter Wedmore's legendary Turnip Prize

Posted: 17.09.21 by Tim Lethaby Local News

Wedmore's famous rubbish art event, the Turnip Prize, will be open for entries soon, and organisers are encouraging people to get thinking abo...

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The annual Thatchers apple harvest begins at Myrtle Farm in Sandford

Posted: 16.09.21 by Tim Lethaby Local News

As the first trailers of apples start to arrive at Thatchers’ Myrtle Farm in Sandford for the annual apple pressing, the cider-maker is celebrat...

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Motor club chairman from Draycott praises car run after it raises hundreds for charity

Posted: 16.09.21 by Tim Lethaby Local News

The chairman of a motoring club who lives in Draycott has praised classic and historic car drivers after they raised £507 for the local branch o...

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Plans submitted to build three-bedroom house in Axbridge close to recreation ground

Posted: 15.09.21 by Tim Lethaby Local News

Plans have been submitted to build a three-bedroom house close to The Furlong recreation ground in Axbridge. A planning application for the buildin...

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Freshers' Fair returns with information for Cheddar students as they start a new year

Posted: 14.09.21 by Tim Lethaby Local News

The latest intake of new students have started at Strode College in Street to study A-levels and vocational courses. As part of their induction the...

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Firefighters tackle chimney fire in Compton Bishop

Posted: 14.09.21 by Cheddar Nub News Local News

Firefighters from Cheddar were among three crews called to tackle chimney fire in Compton Bishop last night (September 13). Just before 8.45pm, Dev...

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Revised plans for 96 homes to be built in Cheddar are submitted

Posted: 13.09.21 by Daniel Mumby - Local Democracy Reporter Local News

Revised plans for nearly 100 new homes in Cheddar could be approved before the end of the year. Sedgemoor District Council voted in July 2018 to gr...

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Jobs currently available in the Cheddar area - September 12 2021

Posted: 12.09.21 by Tim Lethaby Local News

In an effort to help our readers who are looking for a new work position or a career change, we have compiled a list of roles currently available in t...

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Cheddar residents can soon use new specialist stroke unit

Posted: 11.09.21 by Daniel Mumby - Local Democracy Reporter Local News

Somerset residents may soon have the option of being sent to a specialist unit in Bristol if they suffer a stroke. Somerset currently has two hyper...

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Family from Mark call for lessons to be learned after mum's sepsis death following surgery and three-month cancer diagnosis delay

Posted: 10.09.21 by Tim Lethaby Local News

A widower from Mark is calling for lessons to be learned after his wife’s sepsis death following surgery which resulted from a three-month delay in ...

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